• Digital Skills for Entrepreneurs in Digital Economy – 2020 Plans

    The digital industry is growing at a rapid phase and day by day it’s growing. If you are planing to get in to teh digital economy, you know you can live the life you want, however there some vital skills that you should be learning. In this video Bostjan talks about teh basic digital skills for Entrepreneurs in digital economy.

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  • How to Rank on Google Effectively? How Your Business Website Can Do it

    In this video you will see Fernando from ClickDo Ltd. talks about teh most authentic strategies to rank on search engines. This is a future focused video done for you all and you may think about building a brand that Google and all the search engine loves to associate.

    Your goal should be to deliver world class content and serve your audience, make them fall in love with you and be with you, buy from you, promote you, share your content and help you grow while they gaining what they want.

    Check the short vLog by Fernando – CEO of ClickDo Ltd.

    With that being said, if you wish to know more about building an brand for your business in, read the ClickDo blog and check the ClickDo Media Facebook page.